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U!be Group Inc. is a pioneer in creating innovative nutraceutical products featuring clinically-proven nutraceutical ingredients and novel delivering systems. The company's goal is to become the number one brand in the global Chinese community, and provide natural solutions to health problems that are safe, efficacious yet affordable to the general public.

U!be's concept may seem unreal based on people's past experience. However, the seemingly contradicting dilemma is U!be's superiority. U!be's products uses only nutraceutical grade ingredients (not ordinary dietary supplements) which usually cost a lot more. Backed by over 20 years' experience of representing US nutraceutical ingredient companies, U!be's founder had been closely networking with these suppliers as well as being the first to introduce to the market many star nutraceutical ingredients. Being in control enables U!be to offer to the general public quality products at great prices.

As the pioneer of nutraceuticals in Taiwan, U!be Group's founder had introduced to the Taiwan market a number of world-renowned nutraceutical ingredients such as Flora Glo® Lutein for eye health, Wellmune WGP® for immune health, etc., plus in 2011, the Bi-Layer® technology for drug manufacturing and delivery. With the capacity to seek new ingredients and technologies, U!be's expert team are very good at creating new opportunities; Therefore, each and every U!be products are new and unique and always come out ahead of competition.

Paul Giubergia, CEO & GM

U!be's founder Paul Giubergia always said: "Health is most important". Paul is a entrepreneur who was born in Taiwan but brought up in the US. For years he has been advocating the concept of wellness for both the body and the mind. He himself was able to maintain a physique of a 35 year-old while his actual age is approaching 50.

Paul was the only Chinese American to have received the title for "California Wine Ambassador". At age of seven when he first came to America, Paul was racially discriminated, this lead him to develop into the habit of exercising for over the past 30 years. In 2001 he received the title for "California Health and Fitness Ambassodor". He worked out in the gym regularly and had published several books such as "Six Pack CEO" and "My Six Elements for Health".

Besides exercising, Paul takes nutritional supplements everyday because he believes regular exercise and optimal nutrition are critical in health maintenance. He wishes to change the wrong concept of ordinary people who only take care of health when they are sick. He wants to share with everyone how he can maintain good health while enjoying gourmet food, and at the sametime say "No" to obesity, chronic disease and depression. As CEO of three companies, Former President of Friends of California Association (FOCA) and Vice-President of the Chinese Commercial & Industrial Coordination Society (CCICS), Paul said: "many fellow entrepreneurs asked me how to stay healthy, I told them everyone can be as healthy as I am, if they use the right method".

John Perng Ph.D., Vice President

Dr. John Perng received his Ph.D. degree in Physiology & Biophysics and post-doctoral training in the USA. He then joined the tumor-suppressor gene study team at The Center for Biotechnology at Baylor College of Medicine for the research and development of tumor suppressor gene therapy. However, Dr. Perng also realized that nutritional deficits account for many diseases and proper nutrition are the best way to prevent them. After deliberation, he decided to make a career change to the field of nutritional medicine and nutraceuticals, and has since been working on nutraceutical product development and business development.

After evaluating U!be products with the most stringent standards, Dr. Perng is confident that U!be products would make a great impact to human health long term. He looked forward to helping more people with their health and keep them away from cancer.

Dr. Perng's broad training in physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology had let him gain special insight in aspects of nutraceutical composition, formulation and application as well as mechanism of action. He is also experienced in marketing nutraceutical products by educating the market at different levels, be it medical professionals, pharmacists, distributors, sales person or end consumers. This task is indispensable when a new products enter the market.

U!be’s founder Paul Giubergia is deeply influenced by Christianity. He truly believes a successful company can only be built on the base of ‘Honesty and Integrity’. He also believes in giving to those in need and is actively participating in charity affairs. U!be Group Inc. is a long term corporate sponsor of Taiwan Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Association. Using all sorts of resources, U!be helped raise fund for SMA to be used for patient care and research.

Since 2009, U!be has held Christmas party every year and calls for friends, suppliers, clients and community leaders to participate and cared for the need of SMA patients. In 2012, U!be hosted a Christmas wine auction that raised NT$1.83 million; all proceeds were donated to SMA Taiwan. U!be Group Inc. had also been co-participating with internationally renowned companies such as Simpson Marine, Bentley and Remy Martin for some charity events.

Finally, it is U!be’s goal to establish an orphanage to take care of those lessfortunate children. A portion of company’s earning will be reserved for this purpose.

John G. S. Perng, Ph.D.

Center for Biotechnology, Baylor College of Medicine, Research Scientist
Youngthink Development Corporation, Vice President
Celgen Biotechnology Corporation, Vice President
U!be Group Inc., Vice President
B.S. in Biology, Fu-Jen Catholic University, R.O.C.
Ph.D. in Physiology & Biophysics, School of Medicine, University of Miami, U.S.A.
eurobiology, molecular biology, tumor suppressor gene therapy, nutritional medicine, nutraceutical product R & D.
Jeremy Chi-Min Hu, M.D.
New Taipei City Congressman Lin Kuo Chun Office, Manager
Ya-Shin Construction Corporation, Independent Director
Taipei Medical University Alumni Association, Secretary PaiLi Pharmaceuticals, Marketing Director
Hsu-Kai Management Consulting Co., General Manager
B.S. in Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University, R.O.C.
M.S. in Clinical Medicine, Wu-Han University, School of Medicine, P.R.C.
M.D. in Clinical Medicine, Wu-Han University, School of Medicine, P.R.C.
Dermatology, pharmaceutical products marketing
Shawn Shao-Hsiang Liu, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Countenance Biotech Inc.
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Biotechnology, Chung Yuan Christian University, R.O.C.
Consultant, VIA Cord Blood Stem Foundation
B.S. in Microbiology, Soochow University, R.O.C.
M.S. in Biotechnology, National Taiwan Ocean University, R.O.C.
Ph.D. in Immunology, National Defence Medical Center, R.O.C.
Immunology, stem cell technology & cord blood research.

Biothera, the immune health company

Biothera is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving immune health. We are developing a natural gluco polysaccharide that engages and directs natural innate immune system responses. The company is commercializing this carbohydrate technology through two business groups:

Pharmaceutical Group.   Biothera is developing a drug (Imprime PGG®) to work synergistically with anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies against colon, lung and other cancers. Our business strategy is to continue to advance Imprime PGG through the FDA clinical development process and eventually license the drug to partners that will complete development and take the drug to market.

Healthcare Group.  Biothera manufactures and markets patented food-grade immune health ingredients for functional food, beverage, nutritional supplement, cosmetic and animal nutrition products worldwide. Our ingredients are currently in numerous products in more than 30 countries.

BLIS Technologies Ltd.

BLIS Technologies Limited was establised to commercialize the BLIS (Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substances) producing probiotics. BLIS Technologies Limited obtained from Otago University the rights to BLIS strains Professor John Tagg collected over that past 30 years and went public in July 2001 in New Zealand. The company had since developed consumer products for throat health, halitosis, probiotics for the whole body and immune stimulation.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc.

Headquartered in Benicia, California (near San Francisco), the privately held company was founded in 1987 by William "Skip" Seroy, a third generation dietary supplement manufacturer whose family has been a part of the nutritional products industry since 1940.

InterHealth specializes in proprietary, value-added nutritional ingredients. Currently, InterHealth's ingredients are incorporated in more than 600 nutritional products that are distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.

As a recognized industry leader, InterHealth Nutraceuticals is making significant contributions to nutritional science, as well as helping to support the quality of life for today's health-conscious consumers.

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