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U!be Hi® is an one of the kind energy product introduced by U!be Group Inc. in collaboration with US independent laboratory. Chewing one U!be Hi® will quickly replenish your body with energy whenever in demand, both mentally and physically. Unlike many energy products on the market which mostly depend on caffeine or sugar for energy lifting, U!be Hi® has an unique and different mechanism of action to provide you with instant yet sustained energy for your best performance without after effect. Long term and continuous supplementation with U!be Hi® is safe and beneficial to body’s metabolic and overall health.

First energy gum to be manufactured with the Bi-Layer® technology.
No pill to swallow. This newest nutraceutical chewing gum features quick release and oral absorption.
Advanced formulation for better mouth feel and instant energy boost.

Reported positively by multiple media coverage
Recommended by politician and athletes
Confirmed by research from major university

Short term: Enhance physical strength and mental sharpness
Long term: Improve body metabolism and overall physical and mental performance

5 metabolic enhancement patents covering 3 countries.
2 European manufacturing patents for Bi-Layer® technology.

All food grade ingredients approved by Taiwan FDA.
R.O.C. imported food inspection certified.
US FDA GRAS status for key ingredient.
SGS lab certified not to contain 112 common medications
No artificial additives such as preservatives, stimulants or medications.

Recommended use Chew 1~2 tablets when needed. Best if taken at least 15 minutes before exercise.
Ingredients Ginseng extract, green tea extract, ChromeMate®, taurine, xylitol, isomalt, gum, calcium stearate, natural spearmint, aspartame, menthol, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin (B2). Contains no sugar .Do not Swallow.
Source of main ingredients USA, Canada
Manufactured Manufactured in Canada
Content 24 chews per box
Exclusive distributor CelGen Nutritional Company

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