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In 2012, U!be introduces MediChá, a delicious functional beverage that combines the health benefit of hundred-year-old Pu-erh Tea from Yunnan China and top quality nutraceuticals from the US for both metabolic and immune health.

We carefully selected special Pu-erh tea leaves harvested from old tea trees grown in high altitude in the Yunnan Province of China for its natural purity. Then we skillfully blend in patented and scientifically proven nutraceutical ingredients to create a functional beverage that is not only pleasing to your taste buds, but also able to improve the length and quality of your life.


Our Pu-erh expert went to the primitive tea forest 2,100 meters above sea level to collect tea leaves from hundred-year-old wild Pu-erh tea tree. Grown in remote and pristine forests, these tea trees had to endure the harsh environment with strong natural anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant substances it produces, making it more superior than ordinary Pu-erh teas.

Ordinary steeping method can not extract complete nutrients from Pu-erh tea. Our MediChá team of tea expert followed the ancient Chinese herbal medicine tradition to boil tea leaves for extended period of time to extract and concentrate active ingredients from them, while at the same time created a mild yet distinctive flavor and aroma that can not be achieved by other brewing method.

Using special Pu-erh tea as base, the U!be team incorporated Wellmune WGP® and special nutraceutical formulation that had been scientically shown to support immune and metabolic health.
Wellmune WGP® has over 42 US and worldwide core patents.
Superior bioavailability of active ingredient confirmed by University of California, Davis.
Superior activity of active ingredient confirmed by Massey University of New Zealand.s
3 US patents on synthetic GTF chromium materials (patent no. 5,194,615, 4,954,492, 4,923,855)
Patents for preventing or reducing symptoms of insulin resistance syndrome (Australia patent no. 2002351456,Mexico patent no. 250990)

Contains 100% natural ingredient, no added sugar, no artificial additives.
US FDA GRAS status for the active ingredient.
Lab certified not to contain 5 common heavy metals.
Lab certified not to contain plasticizers.
Lab certified not to contain 179 common medications.
Lab certified not to contain 215 pesticides.

Add 150 c.c ~ 300 c.c of hot or cold water to 13.5 c.c of MediChá according to taste and enjoy. MediChá can be enjoyed anytime.

Recommended use Dilute 13.5 c.c. of MediChá into 150 cc of water (more or less water according to your taste), can be served either hot or cold.
Ingredients Yunnan hundred-year-old wild Pu-erh tea leaves, proprietary chromium blend, water.
Source of ingredients Yunnan province China and U.S.A.
Manufacture Taiwan
Content 400 cc+/- 2 % per bottle, each bottle contains 30 servings

MediChá contains no preservatives, please store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight, keep refrigerated when open!
2. Quality Pu-erh tea will naturally produce some small amount of Pu-erh tea oil which appears to be whitish in color. Occasionally you may see this in an unopened bottle.

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